Not speaking ill of the dead – Link Byfield edition

alberta-report-can-gays-be-cured1Link Byfield is dead. He was the editor of the Alberta Report (pictured left), and co-founder of the Wildrose Party. They say you shouldn’t speak ill of the dead, so I’ll let him speak for himself.

Here he is the late Mr Byfield outraged at the Residential School apology:

“The government’s January 7 “apology” to natives [for the abuse done in Residential Schools] amounts to a defamation of the hundreds of people who gave their lives to these worthwhile institutions, and it should not be allowed to stand.”

And here he is asking for graphic details of Phil Fontaine’s sexual abuse:

“For example, we have often been told that Phil Fontaine, grand chief of the Assembly of First Nations, claims to have been sexually abused at a church boarding school. With the right reporter, he waxes very melancholy and soulful about it. Well, maybe he was abused – such things certainly can happen. But what does he mean by “abuse”? Was he taken into the principal’s office and sodomized, or did he just suspect the priest supervising the boys’ shower might be gay? Who knows. He doesn’t return our calls. Has anyone ever asked him?”


A few words from Byfield on the “Indian Problem”:

“Take our Indian problem, for example, which certainly isn’t going away. But there I go. It is insensitive to say “Indian” nowadays; the approved term is first nations; and it is impolite to say “our”, as though we owned them; and it is impolite to say they are a problem.”

Again (a) writing on sodomizing native children, and (b) apparently denying the reality of residential school abuse:

As every liberal knows, we deplorable Europeans showed up here on the prairies, built railways, brought in farmers, shot off all the buffalo, forced the Indians to live on reserves, and then ordered them to send their children to boarding schools where they were sodomized and forcibly assimilated. Bad us – not that there’s anything wrong with sodomy, mind you. The only difficulty is that this is all fiction.


He wasn’t just “opinionated” about natives – here he is discussing a gay pride exhibit at a Red Deer art gallery that received government funding:

Suppose it wanted to demonstrate the evils of homosexuality, and all the compulsive and revolting things homosexuals do with urine and feces, and explain in graphs why they carry such an astonishing array of intestinal parasites and venereal diseases. Would she grant that too? Would we have fun-loving “Homo on the Range” in  Red Deer, but up in Lacombe “The Perils of Perversion” – both sponsored and endorsed by the Alberta government … If Wild Pansies of Red Deer catches the public fancy, fine.

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