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“It gives me great pleasure to provide this letter of reference for Robert Jago … I have always been impressed with his professionalism and his creativity.”

Conservative MP, Rod Bruinooge, Winnipeg South

CAjswz_VEAATORv.jpg_large“Thank you for taking the time to meet me … I appreciated the opportunity to hear your views in Gatineau.”

Conservative MP, Cathy McLeod, Kamloops Thompson Cariboo


“Do you still want to join the Toronto Centre [Conservative Party] board? … the new President asked me to let you know you would be officially welcome.”

Toronto Centre Conservative EDA

Those are a few Tories saying some nice things about me. I can add another couple dozen more. But the point is, I’m not a foaming at the mouth communist. But this time around, I think that I’d rather vote for a party that’s wrong on taxes than one that’s wrong on prisons, native rights, throwing weed smokers in jail, bombing Syria, civil liberties, fair elections, protecting our rivers, empowering spies, mutilating our elections act, and on and on and on. Or more to the point, I’d rather vote for critically necessary electoral reform, than for a status quo that has failed Canada, and will terminally fail when it is face to face with Pierre Karl Peladeau and the Parti Quebecois in a just a few short years.

Don’t call this an anti-Conservative blog. I mean do if you want to, I’m not the boss of you – but you shouldn’t, because it isn’t. To say that it’s anti-Conservative presupposes that the Conservative Party still exists. It does not. It’s the Harper party, it’s ideology is Harperism, not libertarian-conservativism, like a young Stephen Joseph Harper once promised us.

Granted … I don’t want the group of Harperites that call themselves the Conservative Party to win another mandate – they’ve been in power too long, they are fantastically bad at managing the federal state, and they have used up or scared away almost all of the quality Tories who are willing to run. The party is running on fumes – as can be seen from the dregs it’s running in most of this country’s constituencies. Add every so-called ‘Tory’ candidate in this country together, and if in their private lives, they’ve created a total of 1,000 new jobs, I’d be stunned. Half the candidates are these exhausting partisan brats, or these lifers who’ve been in too long, they don’t have any remaining marketable skills to survive on the outside.

But I’m not anti-Tory. In my riding, if the only candidate who can defeat Gilles Duceppe is  a Tory, I’ll vote Tory. Though I could say the same about the Marxist-Leninist candidate, or a chair, if they’ll defeat Duceppe, they have my vote. I voted Conservative before – and while I doubt I’ll do so this time – I may in the next election, once we get rid of this helmet-haired mill stone around the party’s, and the country’s neck.

This election if you believe in liberty, in libertarianism, low taxes, a rational tax code, the non-aggression principle and everything else Stephen Joseph Harper once believed in, vote NDP, or Liberal, or Green. But don’t vote for whatever Stephen Harper-shaped creature emerged from the pod. Vote for these other parties to clean house, get a new electoral system, and yeah, you’ll suffer under some preachy drips for a few years, but the pay off is worth it.

Stephen Joseph Harper, became PMSH, the boss, Harper, he became what he is now, and the party became what it is now, because our electoral system rewards it, requires it, even. With first past the post, the only shot at Conservative victory is a cheap shot – a niche tax cut here, a scared senior there. Cheap and unprincipled and paradoxically – costly. And what MP can disagree with these sellouts when any show of party disunity threatens to takes us back to those ‘terrible’ wilderness days when Chretien and the Liberal Party roamed the landscape unchallenged. I get a cold chill thinking of their ‘terrible’ budget restraint and consecutive surpluses …

With a new electoral system the party can split and yet not divide the right-wing vote – as every vote will now count. And then the fetus fetishists can have their party, the war mongers their party, the liberty lovers our party, the monarchists their party, the fiscal conservatives their party, and so on. And then we don’t have to be whipped into submission by Harper, forced to vote to lock up pot-heads, effectively murder heroin addicts, throw natives in jail en masse … we can opt out and work with whichever party we want on whichever issue we want. Vote for the NDP or Liberals or (shudder) Greens this one time, and all of this bloody selling our souls is done with forever.

Or vote Tory and get ready for another re-working of the machine of power to grease the path to a third Tory majority under Prime Minister Pierre Poilievre, or Prime Minister Tony Clement, or whatever other air-headed cipher they propose to be the author of Canada’s relative decline.

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